Thursday, June 18, 2015

Box = Learning

I still say that a box is one of the MOST important elements in early childhood learning. Not only does it promote large motor development, it presents so many additional learning opportunities. 

Mr. L is 11 1/2 months old.
This is a few pictures in a single day.

  • Risk Assessment

  • Sometimes he just likes to hang out like this. 

    • Analysis
    • Logic/Reasoning
    • Handling Frustration
    • Thinking Outside of the Box [lol]
    • Perseverance

    It's easier to get in on the low side. 
    He's learning that.

  • Cause/Effect

  • Rocking a little too hard while sitting inside.

    • Dramatic Play
    • Imaginative Resourcing

    Sitting, hiding. Popping up and down.

    • Positional Location
    • Climbing Coordination
    • Volume and Measure
    • Height and Depth Assessment

    Climbing and surfing, sitting and laying on top. 
    He hasn't gotten the nerve to stand on top yet. 
    I'm waiting.
    Notice the dinosaur hidden inside.

    "[L]! Are you ON your box?
    Where's your dino? Is it INSIDE your box?" 

    • Force
    • Offsetting Forces
    • Work
    • Coordination
    • Balance
    • Strength Training

    Carrying it all over.
    Pretty heavy box for such a little guy.
    That doesn't hinder him in ANY way.

    •  Physics

    Putting it off-balance so that he can rock it like a maniac.

    But yes, it's all gross motor. 
    And tiring.

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