Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our Body - Week 1 Body Parts - Day 3 Digestive System

This was our first day using our felt body parts and working on internal organs. The children LOVED it.

Teaching Elements for today:
  • We eat food
  • We chew food with our teeth to break it into small pieces
  • Food travels down the esophagus to the stomach 
  • The stomach is full of acid
  • The acid breaks down the food
  • The food goes into the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed
  • Then it goes into the large intestine where the water is squeezed out
  • Then the left over food comes out as poop.
Beginning Discussion - Focused on discussing our food and stomachs, their importance, our favorite foods, why we need to eat good foods, how those good food nutrients work in our body to make us healthy and strong.

Language - We worked our body parts word wall, going over the internal organ names, reviewing beginning and ending sounds.


Math - We laid out a "small intestine" to see how long 20 feet was and compared that to a 5 foot large intestine. While creating the number line, we worked on our number order, number identification, and odd/even. Even though they are right around 3, the children were able to complete the number line independently.

Of course, we had to measure some other large items as well... 

Since our number cards are not 12 inches tall, to make it easier to space the numbers the next time I do this unit, I folded up the "intestines" in one foot increments to use as a guide. 

Science & Fine Motor -How our bodies break down food: Give each child a slice of bread, have them tear it into pieces (teeth), add water and stir (spit), add more water (stomach acid) have them mush it with their hands (stomach muscles mushing), pour onto a towel and roll up (small intestine) and see how the water comes out (nutrients), squeeze the towel (large intestine) and open to find the solid (poop).

Gross Motor - For gross motor the children took turns laying down on a cot and placing the body parts.

Preschool Anatomy Templates
Anatomy Templates $1.00 TPT
This was available as a free choice activity throughout the rest of the unit.

Song/Finger Play - Again, I couldn't find ANY songs or finger plays that addressed the digestive system, so I made up my own.

Digestion [Tune: If You’re Happy and You Know It]
Original song by Little Stars Learning

If you’re hungry and you know it eat some food
If you’re hungry and you know it eat some food
If you’re hungry and you know it, then you really ought to do it
If you’re hungry and you know it eat some food.

Chomp, chomp, chomp it with your teeth
Chomp, chomp, chomp it with your teeth
Mix it with your spit and send it down your esophagus
Soon your stomach won’t feel uncomfortable.

Mix it in your stomach with some acid
Mix it in your stomach with some acid
Then send it on its way so the small intestine may
Get all the nutrients your body needs

Pull out the water and the nutrients
Pull out the water and the nutrients
As your food moves along, through intestines small and large
The end results create a nice and solid poop.

Books -This is the book we read today.

The Digestive System

Although the book below is above our level, the graphics were wonderful to study and discuss.

We've just finished being in potty-training mode, so had this one handy, another good preschool book to go along with this unit. 

Everyone Poops.jpg

Video - Magic School Bus episode For Lunch

The Magic School Bus - Human Body

YouTube- Digestive System by KidsHealthVideos


We really had a fun time on this first day of internal anatomy. We are all excited for tomorrow!
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  1. Thank you for this amazing lesson. I learned a lot from those ideas. Thank you.

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