Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Handprint Shamrocks w/Printable

Today we made handprint shamrocks.

While they may not look very involved, it is a wonderful sensory experience for the little ones. Following directions and vocabulary are key components, as the children either want to open their hands wide, clench them, or at least leave their thumb flying out. Getting them to hold their fingers together and straight, and stamping not smearing the paint, is chock full of learning experiences.

For older children, we talk about triplicate, symmetry, centering, and practice writing their names on the line.

This blank, FREE on TPT, can be used for a variety of activities:

  • Handprint shamrocks [what we did today]
  • Handprint leprechauns craft
  • Cutting a green pepper crosswise and stamping shamrocks with it
  • Stamping shamrocks with heart shaped cookie cutters as the leaves
  • Finger tip rainbows painting
  • Various drawing and painting activities
  • Writing or writing/drawing activities

Many of these activities can be embellished with collage materials. I prefer not to embellish the handprint ones, as the parents like to use these as a keepsake.

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