Friday, March 23, 2012

Butterfly Footprint with Printable

A made the first of these footprint butterflies. Not sure where I got the quote from, but it says, "Beautiful butterfly so precious and sweet, amazing how you look like [name;s] feet!" Click HERE for the girl and boy version blanks for these. A is in kindergarten and her foot JUST fit, so it should be a good size for preschoolers, toddlers and babies.

These are definitely frame-able keepsakes that would make wonderful mother's, father's or grandparent's day gifts.

1.  Have child write their name on the line provided.
2.  Fold paper in half.
3.  Have child paint one foot with colors and pattern(s) of choice. The foot needs to be covered in a pretty thick layer of paint to make the print come out well.

4.  Place footprint onto 1/2 of page with the OUTSIDE of the foot against the CENTER LINE of the paper. This requires teacher assistance to get it positioned correctly and smooshed around enough to fill in, especially if a child has a high arch.

5.  Have child fold paper together and smoosh to make a symmetrical print.

6.  Open and let child decorate ONE SIDE of the print with additional paint.

7.  Have child fold paper together and smoosh again to make a symmetrical print.
 8.  Have child paint the body, head and antennae.

Math symmetry
Language and Science vocabulary wings, antennae, body; poem and name
Fine motor 
Art creative expression
Following directions
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