Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Trees from Craftsticks

Definitely not original, but they do turn out darling.

Excellent fine motor skills.

We did find out that the slick backs on the jewels would not stick well with regular glue. A little scuff on sandpaper roughed them up enough to hold. Otherwise, low-temp hot glue will have to be used for these. 

Sequins, finger prints with paint or stickers could have been used instead, but the children REALLY like these jewels.

In order to make them hang facing on the tree, I crossed the ribbon in the back like this.

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  1. Those did turn out darling!
    I never would have thought of roughing the sticks with sand paper... I would have grabbed the hot glue right away, which typically means little ones don't get to actually put the details on. Great idea!