Thursday, April 18, 2013

Higher Numbers & Preschoolers

This is usually a kindergarten or late pre-k concept to introduce. We began really working on 30+ numbers last week, since they had DOWN 0-20. These children are advanced learners, and have been working addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and quantity concepts of 0-20 for some time. This is a child-led, teacher-facilitated, learning through play and movement school. The children let me know what they want to learn, and it is my job to facilitate that learning and make it fun and interesting.  

They have also been working on 21-30. Usually, counting up to 30 as we do jumping jacks together. We are also working on time, where they are really using 30, and now will need to know up to 60. They love money, add nickels and pennies, but need the higher numbers to go farther. They play restaurant and want to be able to count the money. Correctly. They are frustrated with the lack of knowledge that is currently holding THESE children back from learning what THEY want to know.

As a casual intro, we watched a few YouTube videos that went to 100 over the last few weeks. These are the best two, by far. I really like that they both make a break on the tens, just as we do when we count it. I also like that The Big Numbers Song also shows the words with the numbers. Good cadence and decent graphics in both.

We watched our Leap Frog Math Circus video, and I reinforced some of the concepts as we watched. 


We also read our big book of Chicka Chicka 1-2-3, and on the back pages counted out the entire 0-100, something we had not been doing because the attention/interest hadn't been there. We do a lot of movements with our book readings, so this is always a favorite book, but now I could see that they were paying more attention to the 10s units as we read, as well as the counting to 100. If they even THOUGHT I would skip over the 100 counting, I got called on it. Often they insisted that I do it more than once, and asked to have specific numbers pointed out.

Miss H 3 3/4

After carefully observing the children to see if they had any interest in going farther with it, if the concept kept their attention, if they asked questions, or asked for more of the same...all the signs said, "YES!"

So last week I introduced them to our hundred pocket chart and we clapped out counting by 10's twice. I wasn't sure how well it was going over, so I decided on Friday that I would scale it back to 21-60, basically working on learning 30's, 40's and 50's numbers. 

Miss A  turned 3 last week

We started having a number of the day, and yesterday's was 53. Today I wrote a new one on the board and Miss H [the oldest at 3 3/4 years] said, "That's 84." I just looked at her for a few moments. "Actually, it's 48. 84 would look like this...because we always do the first number first. [We've been working on ordinal count as well.] But good try." So, I guess they get the concept more than I thought and are again pushing my teaching.
53     48

Since all of my teaching is movement based, we always do a movement chant for our number of the day. For 53 it was, "See, see, what do we see, our number for the day is FIFTY-THREE!!!" Today's was, "Great, great, isn't it great, our number for the day is FORTY-EIGHT!!!" 

Once they get down number recognition, which they pretty much have, surprisingly, then we'll move on to tally marks, ten frames and other units of measure to begin equating the numbers to measurements, as we have with 0-20. Still...all through play and movement. For instance, our tally marks will be made with sticks, play kitchen utensils, or playdoh snakes, and ten frames will be made with Legos, blocks, or toys.  

Today we did the hundred chart again, and the children all took three random cards out of the chart, I mixed them up, then handed them out to put back into it. 
Worked on 3+3+3 and 3X3 while we were at it.

What is great about this is that the quantity is small enough that each child can remember the ones they took out. If a child can't figure out where the card goes, then the child that removed it can usually show where it belongs...peer assistance/teaching & reinforcement of learning. If a child wants to participate, but isn't at a higher level, then I give them cards that are within their skill or challenge range, or have the children go in turns so that the less-skilled child goes last when only her/his empty spots on the entire board are left available, to make it less difficult.

Gradually I will increase the number of cards pulled by each child, until eventually I'll just throw all 100 out and let them go at it.

Speaking of ordinal count, I guess that's been going over pretty well also. Mr. G today was in the bathroom and told me, "Pants up second, panties up first!" Can you tell he's the only boy here and has a sister?! Panties it is!

I'm a "throw it at the wall and see if it sticks" kind of teacher. Sometimes I'm really not sure what all is sticking in their busy little brains, but usually they surprise the heck out of me with what they grab onto, mull over, and throw back out asking for more.

Our 2-digit number of the day chants for numbers ending in:

Teens Careen, careen, it likes to careen, our number of the day _____teen!!!

[Jerk body all around]

1 Fun, fun, let's have some fun, our number of the day is _____-ONE!!!
[Punch the air and dance around]

2 Boo, hoo, don't boo-hoo, our number of the day is _____-TWO!!!
[Pretend to cry, rub under eyes]

3 See, see, what do we see, our number of the day is _____-THREE!!!
[Put hand above eyes or make binocular hands in front of eyes and pretend to look]

4 Sure, sure, YES I'm sure, our number of the day is _____-FOUR!!!
[Nod head]

5 Dive, dive, let's all dive for our number of the day, _____-FIVE!!!
[Pretend to dive down, or dive down hands]

6 Mix, mix, in the mix, is our number of the day _____-SIX!!!
[Hold one arm in a circle like a bowl and pretend to stir with the other one]

7 Kevin, Kevin, who is Kevin? He has our number of the day, _____-SEVEN!!!
[Puzzled expression and hands out...if we HAD a Kevin, I'd actually give him the number to show and make it "...where is Kevin?]

8 Great, great, isn't it great, our number of the day is _____-EIGHT!!!
[Clapping with cheer hands at end]

9 Mine, mine, it's all mine, the number of the day, _____-NINE!!!
[Two thumbs gesturing towards you]
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