Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kandinsky Balloon Painting

Kandinksy is a wonderful artist to introduce to the preschool set. His use of bright colors, wonderful color combinations and shapes is both visually and perceptually delightful.

On our art room wall, we have

Color Study of Squares - Kandinsky    


and  Rhythm Joie de Vivre - Delaunay.

We discussed Kandinsky as a person and artist and compared his work to that of Delaunay. This art lesson went over well with the almost 5 year old. The 3s just saw balloons and were impatient to get started.

They first chose their paper. White, color, big, little...

Next we did color mixing. I laid out the plastic lids we used as paint pallets, and added the red, yellow and blue to each one. Then the children placed the appropriate color of balloon on the primary pallets.  We discussed the other balloons and why there were two colors on those. I gave each a balloon and they used the balloon to mix the paint to form that color. 

We do paint mixing frequently, so they were pretty on it as to what primary color combinations made which secondary color. 

Once the colors were all mixed, they were lined up for painting. We reviewed them in English, for the 1-2s, who were doing brush painting at the time, and in Spanish.

The almost 5 year old, got the idea, and did a wonderful job of painting a representation of Kandinsky, though she knew she didn't HAVE to do so.

The 3s and 4 year old LOVED the process and did some interesting work by dragging the balloons, pouncing them around, and smooshing them.

I was surprised at how well this art activity went over. I would definitely give it a 5 star rating for preschoolers. 

One of our favorite books on color mixing, that I highly recommend:

Our favorite video for color mixing is OK Go's Sesame Street video:


This craft would also be good for children with sensory issues that do not like to get paint on themselves. The knot makes it easy for the children to hold it at the top and still be able to utilize it as a painting tool, but even if they have two hands on and are smooshing it down, they get very little paint on themselves unless they are trying to do so or are over zealous.

The task of getting the balloon to do what they wanted was an interesting study. It wasn't as easy as they thought it would be and took some experimentation and manipulation. I had purposefully tried to make the balloons not be EXACTLY the same size so that they would have the sensory experience of manipulating each one in a slightly different manner.


  • Creative expression
  • Sensory
  • Fine motor
  • Gross motor
  • Unusual media
  • Color matching
  • Color identification
  • Color mixing
  • Art lesson
  • Color words, Spanish
  • Logic/Reasoning

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