Monday, July 8, 2013

Number of the Day

In previous posts I have noted how I teach early number recognition and our progression to 2-digit numbers. 

After just a few weeks of formal introduction, 2-digit numbers quickly became 3-digit numbers. So, since number RECOGNITION was no longer an issue, I felt it was time to introduce them to number REPRESENTATION. 

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I created posters for numbers 0-10, one for 0-20, and this one for 0-100, that we are using.  

The children have had some slight introduction to ten frames and number lines prior to this. Tally marks were new. I simply said they stood for their four fingers and their crossing thumb, which they know to equal five.

We are BARELY starting skip counting, so the tally marks are more for a visual representation than a skip counting activity at this point. However, doing this every day, they are picking it up pretty quickly. 

As they get better at counting by 5s, we'll be able to step up telling time, so I am taking note of their progress in this skill for other reasons. 
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