Thursday, June 19, 2014

FREEBIE Reading / Book Log

Historically, this is the time when I would feel a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that my newly minted readers were proficient and ready for the new rigors of kindergarten language arts. 

However, these children have been a step ahead since they were infants, and I still have them for another year. 

Since the newly classified PRE-K ladies have completed all EIGHTY of their emergent readers, and Mr. G is only 8 away, we needed another method of recording their reading efforts as they dive into leveled readers.

The children helped me come up with this style. They picked the layout, the fonts, and how many they wanted per page. As their writing improves, they wanted the lines big enough that they could comfortably write down their own information. Available for FREE on TPT, it includes a couple of layouts.

This is the one we are using, but there are two other simpler ones with just title and title/author.

It is hard to believe that I began this reading journey with these children 20 months ago. At that time, they couldn't even put two letters together to form a word, but did know their letters and phonics, and now they are reading at a nearly 2nd grade level at the age of 4. 

We have moved at their pace, working at it when and how they wanted to, and not every day. As they got better, their interest soared.

They each have very different reading styles. Miss A is a whole word reader, and HATES sounding out words, but does it as a last resort when she absolutely can't figure it out in her head. Mr. G, on the other hand, prefers phonics and sounding out words, and will continue to sound out even words he knows. He's getting over that gradually. Miss H is the happy medium between the two.  

We started book reading soon after they gained the ability to identify joined letters as words and had down many of the first level sight words. Their first pages were...

and the last pages of the emergent readers were...

What they are reading now, really seems like a step back.

So we are looking for good regular books to read. Today, Miss H read Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin Jr., and only had trouble with the word "patiently." Not bad, considering it is Grade Level Equivalent for 2nd grade.

To find Grade Level Equivalent, Guided Reading, DRA, or Lexile score, I use the Book Wizard from Scholastic
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