Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Dramatic Play


Gifts were able to be wrapped and bagged with a large selection of boxes, bags, ribbons, tissue and bows.

The Santa hats made it official.

I wanted the children to have their own tree this year. We began to put up the big one, but they wouldn't be able to reach all of it, so we just put up the top half.

Just putting up the tree used several skills, such as color matching, logic/reasoning, spatial relations, sequencing, gross motor and fine motor.

Most of the ornaments didn't have hooks, so it was some excellent fine motor work getting the hooks on and the ornaments onto the tree.

The end result was darling. The children can decorate, un-decorate and re-decorate to their heart's content.

The fireplace is simply a shelving unit turned on it's side. On the back I put white butcher paper and stamped it with a kitchen sponge in red paint with a hint of black thrown in. I was going to have them help with this, but it became too messy.

I wanted to have an open space for the "fire" and use pool noodles for logs, but I just didn't have the time or resources to build something, and figured the "fire" would migrate anyway. So, ours is made from layers of construction paper.

The fire helped warm babies being fed.

The decorations came on and off SO many times.

It warmed little feet pretending to take naps in front of it.

And it was the perfect spot for drinking hot cocoa and eating snowball cookies for snack on pajama day!

Once Christmas and December were over, they BEGGED me to keep the fireplace and tree. So, we went with a winter theme instead, and added snow. 
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