Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Block Play, Learning Socialization and Self Control

It is always interesting during block play to see the different directions the children take. H was very focused on stacking blocks horizontally, and repeated this large stack several times.

While this time, G, who just turned 2, was extremely focused on vertical stacking of the small cylinders and rectangular prisms. He did this over and over again, consistently hitting the 5-high stack.

Usually the block area is a safe zone where children can build their masterpieces undisturbed.

I had the little ones out and about during this group session. It's good for the children to realize that they CAN re-do something if it gets knocked down and how to handle the disappointment and frustration in a controlled environment with the expectation that that will occur.

The 11-year-old joined us, and it was a good lesson for him, 
as well.

 The activity was also geared to the little ones' social skills that we don't knock down other people's creations, but we can build our own and knock them down all we want.

Social: tolerance, acceptance, fortitude, self-control, resiliency
Math: logic/reasoning, counting
Science: balance, physics, symmetry, architecture
Fine motor: placing blocks
Gross motor: placing blocks
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