Monday, August 6, 2012

Starfish Texture Craft w/Template

The children enjoyed making these cute starfish crafts.

I created this TEMPLATE  available for FREE at TPT.

for them to trace and cut out from tan construction paper or cardstock.

 Then they painted it with glue.

added Rice Crispies,

pressed them into the glue some, and allowed it to dry.

Easy Peasy.

Then they glued it to cardstock and cut out and added the header. The background could be painted, colored, or collaged. We just had done that with other projects for this theme and went simple on this one.

Art: unusual media, trace, cut, glue, paint, color tan
Math: star shape, lines of symmetry, 5
Social: sharing resources, following directions
Science: animal camoflauge

Other ideas for the  TEMPLATE:
  • Trace and cut out from sandpaper. Use cut out as an ocean scene embellishment or for a rubbing craft.
  • Trace and cut out from sparkly gold cardstock to use as a hanging ornament for an under the sea theme
  • Trace and cut, cut in half  under side arms and place onto a paper bag as a puppet, add google eyes
  • For an ocean theme, cut out in quantity and add numbers, letters, sea animal pictures, sight words, etc. Laminate and use for sorting or games either as table work or on the floor. Stomp the Starfish.
The orginal for this craft is at All Kids Network that I found via Pinterest. They used pastina pasta, the small star shaped one, but I could not find it easily locally so I changed to Rice Crispies. I also wanted to use a template that was easier to cut out in quantity and was a little more symmetrical for my purposes than theirs, so I created my own.Tags: ocean, sea, theme, craft, unit, art, cut, paste, glue, puppet, template, starfish, animal, math, science, s, childcare, child, care, daycare, preschool, kindergarten, printable

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