Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Hand Print Tree

Our first group project in the new art studio!

It was SO nice to be able to leave it to dry! 
Before, I would be trying to locate a large enough, safe, area and then trying to move it there without demolishing all their hard work!

First, we worked on painting within the lines I casually sketched out. For these children, 2 1/2-3, that's something we are working on right now...staying in and on lines.

Next they each chose a color to paint. By doing it this way, each child can easily identify their own handprints, and the colors didn't get mixed and turn all to brown. I was actually surprised that they made such distinct handprints and didn't go nuts and just smear all over it. G swtiched to brown and H switched to orange at the end. My little sensory fusser A did a great job with green, but was done with it pretty quick.

On my trek to Michaels this weekend, I found the frisbees 1/2 off, .50@, so I bought 6. I just hadn't taken them outside yet and they were lying around. I needed something relatively small with sides, but large enough for their hands, that the children could use as paint palettes. I saw these, and thought, "Ah, ha!" [Seriously. I thought that.]

They worked out perfectly. These frisbees will be staying in the art studio and I'll have to make another trek to Micheals THIS weekend, too!


Tried to get the labels off. Not happening easily. I'll have to get out the peanut butter and let them set a day or so. I like using PB to get off stickers for anything the children will use. It doesn't leave any chemical residue or possibly mess up the plastic in any way. 

 The end result is a wonderful composition that we can leave up for the season.

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