Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Making Pom Poms

I made these Autumn/Fall poms specifically to act as apple trees in the sensory bin. They are four inches across, i.e. tied at 2 inches, and not excessively full so that the green, yellow and red "apples" could easily be snuggled within them. The pom poms stick very well to the yarn and hold on with no problem. They also sit on the toilet paper tubes easily.

This bin is usually used by 3-4 children at a time, so I made 4. I wrap around the back of one of my bar stools. It's 16 inches across, which will give me (4) 4 inch poms. The yarn slips easily off these chair backs for tying and cutting. After cutting, I just give them a little hair cut to even everything up. I save the bits of yarn for another sensory bin filler.

They turned out really cute and the children really liked playing with them.

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