Friday, October 18, 2013

Addition Doubles 0-5 Finger Chant

We have been working on addition and subtraction for a long time now, but these are the first FACTS that we've attempted to begin memorization.

The children helped me come up with this little finger play chant for our 0-5 addition doubles. After just a couple of days they had them down.

Zero plus zero equals zero I know.
One plus one equals two it's true!
Two plus two equals four no more.
Three plus three equals six such tricks!
Four plus four equals eight that's GREAT!
Five plus five equals ten let's do it again...

We hold up the number on each hand then bring them together for the equation and then we have a movement that goes with the last part.

...I know. - point to head's true! - say it convincingly and nod your head more. - wave hands across one another in front of you
...such tricks! - spiral motion with first fingers going up and out
...that's GREAT! - say it loud and raise arms into air it again... - make a rolling motion with hands

We are also working on negation, a number minus itself equals zero. They got that concept down very quick.
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