Friday, November 15, 2013

Turkey Handprint Cards with free poetry printable


The 1/4 page poem is available for FREE at my TPT store.

My son made this one below in kindergarten years ago. As you can see, his turkey didn't fit well upon the card. The teacher used it as a cut and paste opportunity as well.

For my preschoolers, I really wanted just the handprint for posterity's sake. So that's how we do it.


If I have school-age children here during the holiday, with hands larger than a 1/4 sheet of construction paper, then we do it as a collage rather than a card.


1 sheet construction paper, choice of color
1/4 sheet of white construction paper 
1/4 sheet poem

  • Determine if the child's hand will fit upon the 1/4 sheet of white construction paper, if not, use a whole sheet and cut to size after the turkey is finished.
  • Paint the child's hand, or have them paint it if old enough. Brown on the palm and thumb, child's choice of 4 colors on the fingers, they choose which finger gets which color.
  • Place child's hand carefully on the white paper so the paints do not smear.
  • Press down firmly.
  • Fill in as necessary with paint on any patchy/missed spots, maintaining the handprint lines.
  • Let dry.
  • Have child add orange beak and feet, black eye and red wattle with crayon or marker
  • If necessary, cut to size.
  • Have child add glue or glue stick to perimeter on back of handprint and poem.
  • Help child to position them centered on the colored paper or card. 
  • Add name and year to back.
  • Optional - embellish with Thanksgiving Day stickers, not over the white paper elements
  • For the card, if it is to a particular parent, grandparent, etc., help the child to write it on the front.

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