Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Collaborative Collage

It is the last cold, wet, dreary day before the spring-like weather will arrive for good. [fingers crossed!] They were going insane, bouncing off the walls, so I got this project started.

I had a picture that I didn't like, and haven't been able to sell, because evidently no one else likes it either. It's just been sitting around taking up space before heading to the thrift store donation bin. 

Then I had an orange gumball moment, inside joke, it's kinda like, EUREKA! 

We had played with sticky walls before, 

so this isn't really NEW, but this time they could really go to town and have a finished, displayable art piece at the end.

I used spray adhesive to adhere contact paper to the glass then let it set for a couple minutes before peeling the backer off.

It left us with a stick surface to do collage work upon.

They had free use of anything in the cutting bin, like tissue paper, straws, yarn, foil, fabric, wallpaper, scrapbooking paper, magazine sheets, etc. 

I cut a few strips of construction paper and curled and folded them, then just left them out on the table for them to use as they saw fit. 

We had a small container of lids I gave them, and then I raided the supply drawers and pulled out a few pom poms, packing peanuts, cotton balls, etc. that I just tossed on the table.

They spent over an hour working on this, and there was never any contention.

I think it came out looking really amazing. I placed it above their coat racks in the entry area.

This way, they and their parents and any visitors can get a taste of their awesomeness. 
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