Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Handprint Flower Pots

These turned out SO cute!! Hope the moms like them when they pick them up this afternoon. I couldn't wait to post this, though, so hopefully they won't see this before then.

This is a more substantial gift, but still the same general process as our last year's Mother's Day Card. 

Hopefully they won't notice, but it's just too cute of a process to not repeat.

I bought the pots at Home Depot for under $2 a piece. 

The children did a green hand print for the base on Monday.

Tuesday morning, they did the yellow center finger prints. Even the youngest 2 year old was able to do it with me just holding the pot. 

We let that dry and came back in the afternoon to do the fingerprint petals. This required a little more assistance from me.

I used a silver Sharpie marker to put "Happy Mother's Day 2014" on the hand print.

Wednesday, they still weren't dry. Some of the little ones were a little gloppy in their fingerprints, so I let the pots rest for the day and once the children went home, I sprayed the painting with lacquer. [WARNING: Contact high!]

Thursday, today, we filled and planted and watered.

They looked pretty darling as is, how I planned it, but I'd come across an idea I loved, and decided to incorporate it. Just wish I knew where I found it so I could give proper credit.

I took some mug shots of the kiddos, manipulated them to 1 3/4 inch circles, printed out and laminated. 

They chose a color of cupcake wrapper and glued their pics into the center with a glue stick.

I created some cards to add as well. FREE to download on TPT.

Mother's Day Flower Pot Sign

I printed those out and laminated them, to protect when the moms watered their plants.

The children planted their flowers and signs in with the flowers, to create a finished piece that they are thrilled to have to present to their wonderful mommas. 
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