Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter/Egg Coloring and Pre-writing Printables

A coloring page for your Easter or egg unit...
And its pre-writing counterpart. Advanced level on the top and bottom. Don't forget to have them trace over Egg!

Also included is the printable for our You're A Good Egg! craft.

A Blessed Good Friday and Easter to all!

Fine motor: tracing, coloring with the lines
Math: shapes circle, triangle, oval, symmetry
Language: spelling egg, letters e/g
Art: creative expression, color recognition
Tags: Easter, egg, coloring, pre-writing, prewriting, childcare, daycare, homeschool, art, craft, worksheet, crayon, crayons, marker, markers, paint, bird, theme, unit


  1. Connie, thanks for leaving such a sweet post on my blog! I was wondering if you have any arts/crafts ideas for frogs? My new unit is Growing & Changing and I wanted to focus on frogs this year.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

    1. I emailed you, Sharon, as it was too long to put here!

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