Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Truth Tuesday #6 - Baby It's Cold Outside

Truth Tuesday is blog posts regarding my 
Murphy's Laws of childcare.

#6 Good, caring, concerned parents WILL dress their child inappropriately for childcare. This is especially true when it's REALLY important, like it's ridiculously cold outside. 

This morning's conversation, exactly as it went down...

Mom, coming through the door: "SORRY, I didn't know it was going to be so cold today and I dressed her in shorts. I thought it was going to be like yesterday." 

Me: "Shorts?"

Mom: "I know..."

Me: "WHITE shorts? Seriously?! REALLY?!!"

Mom: "Well....they looked cute with her t-shirt."

Me: "WHITE!"

Mom: "I know..."

I redressed her in black pants with mom standing there. She's one of the best mom's I know, and STILL. 

It's especially bad with parents who enter the car through a garage, park at work in a garage and go straight into their nice warm office where they spend the day. I try to get across to them that we are mandated by the STATE to be outside for a minimum of one HOUR a day, even if it's in spurts of time because it's too darn cold out for sanity. They still send them in light jackets when it's freezing outside, or the girls in dresses or light weight leggings, etc. 

I also love it when the toddlers are potty training and arrive in overalls. That's a good one. 

SIGH! Happens all the time.
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