Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You're a Good Egg!

Our take on a classic...tissue paper covered eggs. 

I created this blank for our craft. 

I collect tissue paper from birthday parties and Christmas celebrations. So, we get what we get as it's FREE! They really liked this pink polka dot. 

We used watered down glue, 2 parts glue to 1 part water to paint small areas of the egg at a time.

 They tore up the tissue paper at will, the littler ones producing larger pieces than the older girls. The younger ones used a two-fisted pull-apart technique and the older ones ripped it with dexterity.

 They ended up looking like this.

 We cut them out, using teacher-assisted scissors. For older preschoolers this would be a wonderful opportunity for scissor practice, as it has simple, large lines to follow.

 We punched the holes. 

We cut 2 pieces of yarn, one 12" long to attach the bottom card, and one 6" to tie at the top for a hanging loop.

 They threaded the yarn through with guidance and assistance. I tied a knot where I wanted it so that the card would hang a little below the egg. I tried just tying a bow, but it kept pulling the yarn too taught, so I found I had to knot it tight first and then tie the bow. 

Then I clipped the ends to the same length as the bow loops. I couldn't trust these children to not clip the bow, they are too unpredicatable with scissors in hand still, so this one thing I did myself. I tied the top hanging loop and clipped the ends close to the knot.

Arts and Crafts tissue paper media, cut, paste, creative expression, colors
Math oval, rectangle
Fine Motor tearing, ripping, pulling, cut, paste, writing name, threading yard, punching holes
Gross Motor tearing, ripping, pulling
Language reading, vocabulary, names 
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