Thursday, May 3, 2012

Handprint Pop Art

The girls LOVED this activity and I think they came out wonderful. Frame-able. I've added this to my 3-year rotating curriculum as a Mother's Day present. Since I do an artist/style each month, this is about the most perfect Pop Art art that the children can do. A keepsake.

Since this was a cut and paste learning and skill activity, I didn't take the easy route and use the paper cutter. 

1. Use a piece of 8 1/2 X 11 cardstock for the base.
2. I created an appropriate sized template for the girls to trace and cut out of the paper of their choice for the four squares.
3. Glue down the squares. 
4. Choose the papers desired for the handprints, and the hand [usually the non-dominant so they can trace accurately], trace, cut and paste
I helped hold the sheets together as she cut. Since we wanted these frame-able, I didn't want to join them with a staple, and cutting out four hand prints individually was beyond our time frame or patience. If you did want to join with a staple, a heart sticker or similar item could be placed in the middle of each to cover it.

5. Choose the paint color for the top hand prints. Have the child paint their hand fairly heavily and stamp. We used opposite prints on top of the paper ones. The children had a choice of same or different.

Make sure to date!

A, at 6, was able to do it all. I helped with determining placement since her hand was JUST small enough to work with this size paper and she did ask that I tidy up her cutting a little. The girls chose their own colors of paper, placement, hand, paint color, etc.

A asked if she should do something, and my comment was, "It's your art. You can do whatever you want. I'm just here to offer an idea and any help you think you need. Your art is always your own. If you want to scribble all over or put paint splotches, that's up to you. It's YOUR ART. There is no right or wrong, should or shouldn't. Do what you feel is right for you to do to it." That's my philosophy.

At 2, B was able to cut out the 2 sides of the squares, help trace around her hand, and do the outer cuts on the hand prints with teacher-aid scissors. 

Thanks, Laugh Paint Create for such a wonderful activity!
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