Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Number Cards - Activities and Printables

Here are some activities I use with my number cards. 

Notice that odds are red and evens are green. This is one of the activities that I do that preps them for later learning. They learn which numbers are red numbers and which numbers are green numbers. When teaching them later about odds and evens, they will remember this. When we start splitting things into groups to learn about odd and even, I will say, "Yes, GO it's even," or "STOP, it's odd and can't be split evenly." By them already being exposed to the red and green numbers, they will already have a foundation of knowledge to fall back upon for this concept. It is a type of learning that is absorbed through exposure, rather than taught.

These are 2 1/2 year olds. They can rote count 0-10, recognize 0-10 and are getting down method counting 0-10 objects. Method counting involves the child figuring out a method of counting objects that are not in a linear format. Before we move on to 11-20, I am working with them on the 0-10 number line. 
The first activity involves the children simply picking out the correct number and placing it in the number line position. Note that the cards are faced AWAY from the childrens work area, so their visual discrimination is worked to assess the numbers in an upside down capacity, or their logic/reasoning is tested as they move to better view them from the other side. There is also turn taking at work, and peer assistance.

The second activity has the numbers in order and the child does SEE & SAY before s/he steps forward onto the number. These are wonderful activities as they use so many senses at one time, reinforcing learning to the max. Sight, speech, hearing, feeling are all used. And yes, in learning, I consider speech a separate sense for children. It may be a feeling, but it encompasses so much more at this age. 

For the little ones (18 month to talking well), I'll have them pick up a card, and I'll tell them what it is. I'll also do the second activity, but hold their hands and walk through it with them, saying the number.

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I have these cards laminated and stored in a clear plastic hanging zippered storage bag that a curtain panel came in. I think the size of the cards is just perfect for these hands-on physical activities.

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