Friday, February 17, 2012

Color Hearts Sorting

We've been busy this week, as we always do a full week of Valentine activities. One common activity is conversation heart sorting using heart color mats. The 2 1/2 and 3 year-old were able to do this activity solo, as it mainly just worked their fine motor skills since they have color recognition down pat.
For the ones, this was a major learning activity regarding the heart shape, color recognition, matching, visual discrimination, logic and reasoning, fine motor, and verbal skills. They are just getting their colors, so this was a more intense experience for them. Surprisingly, they really enjoyed it and worked a long time at it each time we did it. I am always surprised at the focus these children can maintain. It's much longer than normal for their ages. They got significantly, progressively better each time.

I created the Valentine Color Hearts  file [available for free on Scribd via link], cut my construction paper down to 8 1/2 inches wide with the paper cutter, printed them out, cut them out, and laminated them for years of future use. I made this to use only black ink since my printer is currently running dry on all colors, as usual given how many materials I print out. I may go back and create a set using corresponding colors. If I do, I'll post that to Scribd before next Valentine's Day.

I'm thrifty [cheap?], so I always cut away my lamination as much as possible for later use with little sight words or manipulatives.

They do have the Spanish words in smaller font, as I teach that early. If you would like a version without the Spanish or with another language, just send me an email.

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