Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Truth Tuesday #1 - Trusting Preschoolers

Truth Tuesday is blog posts regarding my 
Murphy's Laws of childcare.

#1  As soon as you trust an older preschooler with independent use of child-safe scissors they will:

  • Cut another child's hair (happened more than once, one time right in front of me)
  • Cut up your new holiday decorations you just put up (only happened once)
  • Cut up on your $4000 hand-knotted wool rug (took two of them to really make a mess of it...they also took a blue Sharpie to it, don't know where the Sharpie came from)
Anyone have their own experiences to add?
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  1. I second it with the hair cutting. Oh my: cutting own tongune. I have no idea why, but, it happened.

  2. No way!! Never heard of that one before. That's hilarious. Hopefully no permanent harm done. Forked tongue could lead to many questions in the future...lol