Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paint Bags

One of the most popular Pinterest ideas, that I just hadn't tried yet. Tuesday is our painting day and I decided to not wait any longer. I wanted cute zebra duct tape to put around them, but that will have to wait for another day. Today was clear heavy duty packing tape, which I think I like better. It allows the children to utilize the entire bag and see the edges.


 I was thoroughly surprised by how fascinated they were with these. Mixing the colors, and using different hand motions to make fine lines, bigger lines, multiple lines, kept them busy and coming back to this activity all afternoon.

 The 10yo said the light coming through made the colors look like neon. The effect is really amazing, and this was on a rainy overcast day.

Make sure to use heavy duty FREEZER bags for this activity. Just squirt some paint into the bag, remove the air, seal, and tape up. Easy peasy.

Fine motor
Art color mixing, light change, fluid movement, shapes and lines, creative expression, unusual medium
Math geometry
Social taking turns and showing something interesting to each other, showing how to do something over
Language describing what they are creating to each other, telling what they are going to draw

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