Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3D Handprint Spiders and Webs

It seems as if we just can't do anything simple around here anymore! So in our fine new tradition, we created these AMAZING spider webs and handprint spiders.

First, we took the paper plates I had recently bought for another craft, and cut in around the edge. The paper plate had neatly spaced fold lines that we used as a guide and cut in the depth of the first lip of the plate.

The children then chose the yarn they wished to use. I tied a knot into one end and placed it under a cut. The children were instructed to pick a slot on the opposite side of the plate, anywhere on the other half.

I helped them string it across into the slot they picked [2 1/2-3 year-olds], pulled it taught, and asked them which slot, to the left or right of the one the string was currently through, they wished to come back up through.

We brought it up and again they picked a slot on the other side, with encouragement to pick an open one.

We made tried to hit every slot at least once, but the randomness is what gives it it's great texture and movement.

We then traced their handprints with a white pencil, a white crayon would also work, overlapping the palms of both hands to form the body.

These we cut out, added google eyes, and I folded the fingers down from the body and up about a 1/2 inch from the bottom to make the spiders stand up on the web.

The children chose how to face their webs, marking the TOP of it. Then they chose where to place their spider on their webs and which direction they would face.

Where the feet met yarn, we added a good dollop of glue and placed that foot on top. If it wouldn't stick and I needed it to for stability, I added a clothespin while it dried.

I added string, and we hung them in the play area. The children LOVE them and are very proud of these.

A very fun, tactile, and multi-skill craft.

Fine Motor tracing, cutting, gluing, lacing, sorting and placing google eyes
Sensory yarn, cut edges of plate, smoothness of plate
Math directional placement, lines, diagonal, intersection, perpendicular, 2/4/8, same, different, symmetry, opposite, half, logic/reasoning 
Art creative expression, lines, symmetry, tracing, cutting, lacing, gluing, placement
Tags: theme, unit, fall, autumn, Halloween, spider, craft, art, preschool, daycare, child, care, childcare, yarn, paper, plate, cut, paste, glue, scissors, handprint, hand, print, lacing, fine motor, 3D

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