Friday, October 19, 2012

Portrait Color & Write

I made up these coloring and writing pages to begin their reading and writing experience. Everything is more meaningful if it is personal. They LOVED them! They colored one today to take home and another is laminated to be used here as a self-selected activity with dry erase markers.
Name blocked on purpose.
To make, I simply used my picture editing software to increase the brightness and contrast until I got an outline image. I saved it as a JPEG, added it to my word processing program, and added the lines and text. A light gray font color could be used instead of the dotted.

Original Image
Even though their cognitive abilities may be advanced and capable of beginning to read, their fine motor ability is more developmentally in line with their age. I have no expectation of them being able to write legible script anytime soon. I am not a fan at all of "worksheets," but this is intended to be a meaningful COLORING SHEET for self-selected practice that they can CHOOSE to work:
  • Tracing
  • Staying on a line
  • Letter formation
  • Left-right convention
  • Beginning sight words
  • Fine motor muscle development
  • Tripod grasp
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