Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dolch Sight Word Cards

Available HERE. Includes:

All 220 Dolch sightword cards
Levels are color coded for ease of level identification when using differentiated instruction. I used ROYGBIV for the basis,
·         Red- Pre-k/Pre-primer
·         Orange – Kindergarten/Primer
·         Green – 1st
·         Blue – 2nd
·         Violet – 3rd
These cards can be used as flash cards, word walls, for fly swatter “Word Swat,” hunt and find, alphabetization, sentence creation, etc.

The sightword cards in pre-writing print
Cut out, laminate to be come dry-erasable, hole punch, place onto a carbineer clip, and children can practice by level or a specific group of words the teacher determines.

BINGO cards
6 BINGO cards for each sightword level are included, covering all words, for small group instruction.
Two sets can also be printed out, one set made into individual cards, and used as a matching center activity, Go Fish game, I Have Who Has, etc.

Word List
Color-coded and black/white.

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