Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Transportation Collage w/Template

Little Stars Learning

This is an art/craft collage that I created for my preschoolers to do along with their TRANSPORTATION theme/unit. We do a 4-week unit covering air, water, land and rails. Each week the children created one section to go along with that week's focus. 

It is sized to fit on 18 inch by 12 inch sketch pad paper I got at WalMart in the school supply section. It's also available at the craft stores. It is at Amazon for $11.60 with free Prime shipping. The lowest price I found on-line is at Discount Office Supply for $5.78 + tax + shipping.

I  printed out the template pieces onto cardstock and cut them out:

I provided a choice of colored construction paper for the children to choose from, asking them to pick a new color for each item. They got to choose how many portholes on the ship, 2 or 3 little wheels on the train, front and/or back headlights on the car. They traced them and cut them out with teacher-assist scissors with me. then I helped them position the main components before they glued them down.

FYI - the completed car on the picture above is missing the square window on the door, template piece in the upper right corner.

Fine Motor tracing, cut, paste/glue, placement
Math shapes including trapezoid/half-circle/dome, comparison of small/medium/large in shapes
Art  color choice and composition
Science  discussing elements in relation to their actual function in life

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