Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Freebie

For my followers, here's a little Halloween freebie...

I have my students use green clothes pins for the beginning sound, red for the ending sound, and blue for the number. They can be made self-correcting by adding the appropriate color dots onto the back side. Any other type of counter/marker, even dry erase markers if laminated, can be used. 

Be sure to go over the words with them first. For instance, I used SKULL rather than skeleton, since it was just the head.

The graphics go along with my new Halloween Haunt Count counting file folder game where the children put the appropriate skull number or number word onto the window. It is packaged with a jack-o-lantern face matching game with 32 face cards and game board. The cards can also be used for games of Concentration or Go Fish, working shape recognition and vocabulary. There is also a spider color/counting mini-book. Notice that the webs all match the number as well with that many sides. All for $1.00 on TPT.

I also just put up a cute Batty Numbers file folder game where the children will put the number and number word wings on the goofy little bat with same number of dots on his belly. I purposefully put the first page 0-6 so that younger children could work the lower numbers separate from the higher numbers. Even younger preschoolers can accomplish this with a word wall to reference for the number words.

I also included a pre-writing Bb bat worksheet and an upper and lowercase alphabet worksheet. All for $1.00 on TPT.

Graphics custom created and under full copyright. Customization available.
Spanish versions available upon request.
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