Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Digging Holes

  Today we planted our pumpkin seedlings. 

They were doing quite nicely in the window in their little baggies, but would soon need some added nutrition. This last weekend I tilled up a patch of ground out by their new trike track, sufficiently out of the way that the plants shouldn't be trampled accidentally. Although, I can't guarantee that it won't happen ON PURPOSE. But I doubt it. They are all pretty invested in these little plants.

As usual, I was surprised at where the learning experiences went. They immediately talked about pulling weeds and having to water the plants when they went into the ground. All solid educational information I had imparted. 

However, they couldn't dig a hole.

They wanted to scrape along the top edge of the dirt. They wanted to dig along all over the dirt and not in one spot. They were used to filling things with easily acquired surrounding material, loose sand or mulch or sensory bin materials...not digging a hole.

So it wasn't the seed coat, seed leaves, secondary leaves, stem, roots, etc. that were the focus of the experience. They already had that stuff down. 

They learned to dig a hole. And an important lesson it was.

Because you have to dig a hole to plant a seedling. 

Math: counting the seedlings, distance between plants, depth of hole, height of seedlings
Language: vocabulary, describing process
Science: plant science and physiology
Sensory: seedling, roots, leaves, soil, water
Fine Motor: pulling weeds, placing seedlings, removing rocks
Gross Motor: digging, scooping, filling, pressing, not stepping on those already planted
Visual Discrimination: placement within the patch, distance between plants
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