Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds! Book Activity #5 Grass Heads

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! 
by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
This ended up being the most requested book of our Garden Theme/Unit. Buddy Bear receives a package of five bags from his gramps that contain garden related activities, all of which we did in some capacity. 
THE FIFTH PACKAGE Buddy opened was the bottom of a plastic bottle, soil, paper shapes and seeds to make a grass head.

To make our grass heads:

1.  The children picked a cup and I assisted in marking the bottom of the cup with their name or initial.

2. Then they picked out google eyes for their cup [super big ones didn't work on the curve]. I applied drops of a glue that works on plastics where the child indicated they wanted their eyes, and had them place their google eyes.
Wonderful fine motor activity picking the google eyes back up!
 3. The children then drew the rest of a face around their google eyes. Even the 2 year old added a mouth, nose and ears. 
 4. Fill up the cup with potting soil. I was going to have them fill a 1 cup measuring cup first and then transfer to the  plastic cup, but changed my mind at the last minute. It would have added an additional level of learning, but I really was just working this as a fine motor skills activity, which is why I chose fairly flat and small spoons for them to use to transfer the potting soil.
 5. Add the grass seed to the top of the cup.
 6. Pat the seeds down into the soil.
7. Water generously.
 8. Admire...and wait a few days. 

Since the Sharpie marker didn't show up well after filling with potting soil, and I came across these great neon poms and pipe cleaners at the dollar store, we re-did the nose and mouths. 

After a couple weeks, it was time for a haircut. Again working those fine motor skills and proper scissor holds. 

Even the just-2s scissor.

Math: picking out 2 google eyes
Science: Planting seeds, what a seed needs, physiology of a face
Fine Motor: picking out, placing and picking up google eyes; transferring soil, adding seeds and water, drawing on face, cutting
Social: following directions, delayed gratification
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