Thursday, June 21, 2012

We've Gone Buggy

The children were pretty surprised when they arrived and found this in the middle of the table. The terrarium hadn't been out in over a year. 

I purchased a dozen crickets from the pet store last night for instant gratification. We'll be collecting additional specimens this week. Unfortunately for bug collecting, it's raining today.

The terrarium has a dish of water with a sponge in the center for the insects to use for drinking and some rabbit feed in the corner. We'll be adding a few veggie scraps. 

We did grab a roly poly to observe and compare working the concept of insects are bugs but not all bugs are insects and why.

Science  scientific investigation, habitat, food cycles, magnification, insect anatomy
Math  counting insects and legs
Language observations, vocabulary
Social  helping each other find the insects, observations
Tags: cricket, science, observation, magnification, preschool, pre-k, prek, kindergarten, insect, insects, bug, bugs, curriculum, theme, unit

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