Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seeds, Seeds Seeds! Book Activity #4 Seed Art

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! 
by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
This ended up being the most requested book of our Garden Theme/Unit. Buddy Bear receives a package of five bags from his gramps that contain garden related activities, all of which we did in some capacity. 

THE FOURTH PACKAGE Buddy opens has a frame and bean soup mix. Instead of a frame, I used this as a process art piece working fine motor and as a textural piece using corrugated cardboard as the background.  

The children loved having free rein with the glue for once.

There was a cause and effect element to this one, as the younger children were rather dismayed when I lifted their masterpieces and most of the beans fell off. They quickly learned that there was a 1-1 correspondence between glue and beans if they wanted them to stick.

Process versus product. 
They may not be "pretty" for the office wall, but they are entirely their own creations.

We also had strawberries from the garden like Buddy for snack and checked out the seeds on them, discussing how strawberries are the only fruit with the seeds on the OUTSIDE.

Science: cause and effect
Arts and Crafts: freedom of expression, pasting, unusual media
Sensory: beans, cardboard, glue
Fine Motor: picking and placing beans, pasting
Tags: logic, reasoning, glue, cut, paste, art, craft, 3 dimensional, beans, seeds, garden, farm, plants, theme, unit, cardboard, preschool, pre-k, prek, homeschool, sensory, kindergarten, daycare, childcare

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