Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Book Activity #1 Seed Sorting

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! 
by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
This ended up being the most requested book of our Garden Theme/Unit. Buddy Bear receives a package of five bags from his gramps that contain garden related activities, all of which we did in some capacity. 

THE FIRST PACKAGE Buddy opened was seeds for sorting into a seed collection. Since we had already been doing this for our GARDEN activities, we simply discussed this during the book.  Afterward, I brought out a bag of soup beans and the children sorted them. 
While I expected the older girls to sort them appropriately, 
I expected the younger ones to simple do fine motor in moving them back and forth. [Hoping they didn't just grab and throw!] 
I gave instructions and started breakfast. 
When I returned 5 minutes later, this just-turned-2 little boy had pretty meticulously sorted some of his, going by the verbal instructions he heard me give the older ones. These children constantly surprise me.
For the older ones, I printed out this BEAN SORT & GRAPH and had each one take a handful of beans to sort and graph. They just laid the beans on the graph and then we discussed. After the first time, it was left as an open preschool activity throughout the unit. It can also be laminated and written on with dry-erase markers or dry-erase crayons.

It is a WONDERFUL observation, fine motor and graphing activity. 
Even the 2 year old was able to sort them out on the graph.

Math: sorting, graphing, counting, reading a graph, 1-1 correspondence
Fine Motor 
Sensory: bumpy and smooth, small and big beans, running their hands through the beans
Visual Discrimination: high level 
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