Friday, June 29, 2012

International Mud Day Celebration

In celebration of International Mud Day, we got messy!

The construction pit was transformed with a little help from the hose. It went from this...

 To THIS...


We also played on our water pillow.

There was a lot of hopping,


rolling, and laying. 

A wonderful sensory morning on a hot summer day.

To make the water pillow: 
  • Double over heavy duty plastic sheeting to twice the finished size you want 
  • Fold in half to finished size
  • Fold over edges twice and duct tape [use heavy duty tape] down as you go 
  • Leave one corner open for filling
  • Check seal of tape, securing firmly all the way around
  • Add a second tape layer, overlapping first by at least 1/2 inch, as needed
  • Place about 6 drops of green and 6 drops of blue food coloring into the hole
  • Fill  to desired depth, 1-2 inches
  • Double fold opening and seal with tape
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